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We have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of framing?

We have 450 different frame types, all with their individual price, so we cannot give exact prices beforehand. When we have measured your artwork, found the frame you want, and chosen mat/passepartout, type of glass and mounting details, we are able to calculate the price. Normally a framing costs from 600,- DKK and up. The price depends on the size of the picture; the bigger the picture, the higher the price.

You can see a list of price examples here.

What is the maximum size you are able to frame?

As we mostly use real glass, this puts a limit to the size of pictures we can handle and frame. Maximum size is normally app. 100 x 150 cm, but please contact us with your art details and we will let you know if it is possible.

What is the price of ready made frames, and what sizes are available?

Please see this complete list of ready made frames (“Skifterammer” in Danish).

Can I buy a ready made frame and passepartout and let you do the mounting?

Yes, for a small fee.

Can you mount canvases?

No, unfortunately not.

Can you frame an oil painting or acrylic painting?

Yes, there are two solutions: Either you can get a floating frame (with space between the picture itself and the outer frame), or a normal frame without glass.

Can you put a new frame on an old picture?

Yes, we can both exchange a broken glass and the frame itself. Old frames with sentimental value can often be reused.

Can I purchase frames through this website and have them shipped?

No, you must pick up the frames in one of our framing shops, both for the sake of the glass in the frame remaining intact, but also for logistic reasons. You have the option to reserve ready made frames and pick them up, and order frames that are not in stock. Estimate 1-2 weeks delivery time if we have to order certain types of frames.

What is the timeframe for framing?

That depends on how busy we are, and how many customers are in the queue in front of you. Normally 2-4 weeks is to be expected.

Can you use Plexiglass/acrylic instead of real glass?

Normally, we only use real glass in different types. For very large pictures we can, however, order Plexiglass if requested.

Can I choose a thin frame profile for large pictures/posters?

If you prefer the frame to be made from wood ─and at the same time keep a slim look─ it has to be solid oak wood (in order to carry the weight of the picture). Alternatively, you can choose an aluminium frame. Most of the aluminium frames can hold large sizes. We also offer thin aluminium profiles with a wood coating, if you prefer the wood appearance.

Do you have an online list of your frame profiles?

Yes, you can see complete list and preview the different profile shapes on our supplier’s website:

Frame profiles, wood (PDF)

Frame profiles, aluminium (PDF)

Frame examples

Other Questions

Can you frame sport shirts?

Yes, our supplier Letraset|Nielsen offers a “Frame Box” measuring 70×90 cm with a hanger, tailored for the purpose. It is a so called “aquarium frame” , meaning it has extra space for the clothing you want to frame. Frame Box needs to be ordered (up to 2 weeks delivery time).

Frame box

Can you frame t-shirts, scarves or corals?

No, unfortunately we do not frame textiles, nature items, etc. You can order a Frame Box, which has the depth to preserve your 3-dimensional items. Read more about Frame Box here.

In short: We frame all 2-dimensional media: posters, photo prints, drawings, paintings, etc.

We recommend visiting one of our framing shops and choosing from our physical frame profiles. Bring along your artwork, so we can measure it, and you can compare the different frame profiles by laying them next to your art, and choosing the one you prefer.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or mail, or even better: meet us in the shops.